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Business Lines of Credit

Upon Approval, you will be able to draw money from your Business Line of Credit, pay on what you have borrowed, and still have funds left



Business Lines of Credit Up to $250,000

  • 680+ FICO Credit Score

  • $20,000 Monthly Revenue (Minimum)

  • 2 Years + Time in Business

  • Two Years Tax Returns

  • Last 3-6 Months Bank Statements

  • Additional Documentation may be required such as P&L Statements, Debt Schedule, Expense Sheets

No Documentation

​Credit Cards up to $100,000 in 0% Interest 

  • 680 + FICO Credit Score

  • No DOC’s Required

  • 0% Interest Credit Cards from 6-21 Months

With Documentation

Example Funding:
You are Approved for $125,000 and you draw $100,000 to your business bank account and you will pay on the $100,000 drawn and still have $25,000 left to use at your request

A business credit card offers several benefits:

  • Manage your cashflow with an interest free period

  • Easy to track spending and review business expenses

  • Separate personal and business costs for easier accounting

  • Convenient way to purchase goods for your business, online and in store

  • Remove the need for petty cash – easy to track and no need for reimbursement

  • Easy for purchases internationally or expenses abroad

  • Build the credit score of your business

  • Some business credit cards offer cashback and rewards

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